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Pacific GeoSource is a pavement industry leader in roadway reinforcement and pavement strengthening technologies. Our experts educate engineers, owners, and contractors on what options are best for their road situations and where optimal value and performance can be achieved. We are committed to delivering cost-effective, durable, long-lasting paving projects.


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Your Roadmap To Success

We understand the causes of pavement failures and specialize in preventing those risks from creeping into your design, specification, and construction processes. We offer appropriate, project-specific solutions. And, we provide more than just innovative, proven products. Our six-step process, led by a deeply experienced team, provides support in design, bidding, specification, supply, and on-site construction oversight. You save time and money while achieving maximum efficiency at every step of your project. Pacific GeoSource works with commercial and residential developers, municipalities, departments of transportation, industrial operations, and other diverse market clients to enhance pavement value and project returns from the discovery phase all the way through to post-project review and monitoring pavement performance.


We meet with you to discuss your project needs and the associated options for asphalt strengthening and roadway reinforcement. We anticipate the long-term challenges your site might face and identify the best solutions to achieve your installation’s service life goals, minimize future maintenance needs, and keep costs controlled. Our solutions offer savings on project materials too, such as on the required thickness for asphalt or aggregate layers. Stronger pavements, greater value.


Our in-house, licensed pavement engineers and field solution managers draw upon decades of experience in fiber-reinforced asphalt, geogrid reinforcement, and asphalt interlayer applications. We deliver value-engineered solutions specific to your project’s budget, climate, available construction window, site access limitations, and long-term durability criteria, including maintenance concerns.


No project gets the green light without clear specifications. We make the process of customizing the spec to your site easier by serving as an assistive resource in the planning phase. Our team ensures that specs display a clear understanding of necessary product performance and that all affiliated elements of supply, handling, and installation will be covered as projects move from planning to construction.

Supply & Bidding

Whether your project requires rolls of geogrid, truckloads of asphalt interlayers, asphalt reinforcing fibers, or fiber mixers, we provide lowest-possible bid assistance. This process is supported by educating all stakeholders on product use and value, as well as by delivering precise cost estimates to ensure your bids reflect the value you expect and protect your project from scope creep.


Pacific GeoSource does not work from a desk far away. We are in the field and work alongside you. During construction, we provide guidance to on-site personnel on proper handling, installation, and monitoring of asphalt-strengthening and road reinforcement products. Being always available is central to how we create long-term pavement durability, safety, and value for every client.

Testing & Follow-up

The geosynthetic materials and synthetic fiber solutions from Pacific GeoSource are supported by continuous testing for project suitability and quality verification. We test during construction to validate material quality and verify that near- and long-range design goals are being met. When the installation is complete, we don’t disappear. We return to evaluate project performance, and we keep the communication process with you open, always available to serve as a trusted advisor.

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The Road to Stronger, More Cost-Effective Pavement Solutions Starts Here


Reinforces & extends life of asphalt pavements.


Strengthens pavement maintenance treatments.


Reinforces aggregate base, improves road integrity, reduces materials.


Mitigates reflective crack propagation.

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If It Needs Paving, We’re Here To Help

Our road reinforcement and asphalt-strengthening solutions and expertise are available virtually anywhere you need more cost-effective, longer-lasting paving solutions. We work in all environments and on all sizes of projects: interstates and county roads; commercial development; haul roads; distribution centers and warehouses; ports; municipal streets; and all other types of lots, roadways, and working platforms.

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Case Study 92: SH67 Elmore County Overlay

Case Study 37: Mohawk Tree Farm

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