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Please note: While we have recently changed our company name to Pacific GeoSource, we have not yet updated all of our materials, so you may notice “Alliance Geosynthetics” on many of the downloads below. Also, our BX Geogrid and RG Geogrid product lines have been changed to   RockGrid  and   RoadGrid , respectively. Please know the quality and support of these products remains unchanged. We  will be updating all  content to reflect our recent name changes.

BX Geogrid (RockGrid)


BX Geogrid Solutions in Forestry Applications Brochure – Download

BX Geogrids Brochure – Download

Installation Guide

BX Geogrid Installation – Download

Spec Sheets

BX1515-042015 – Download

BX2020L-102014 – Download

BX2525-112014 – Download

BX3030-072017 – Download

BX3030L-102014 – Download

BX4040-102014 – Download

BXType1-102014 – Download

BXType2-112014 – Download


Geosynthetic Materials Assoc. White Paper II (2000) – Download

RG Geogrid (RoadGrid)


RG brochure (4 pgs) – Download

Installation Guide

Interlayer Installation Guidance – Nov 2017 (4 pgs) – Download

Spec Sheets

Asphalt Interlayer Reinforcement Grid – Generic Specifications (7 pgs) – Download

RGC5050 Mar2016 – Download

RGS1010 – Download

RG1010 Jul2017 – Download

RG2010 Jan2017 – Download

RoadMat RM25 – Download

Roadmat RM50 – Download

RG1010S Apr2016 – Download

RG5050 Apr2016 – Download

RGC1010 Apr2016 – Download

RGC2010 Apr2016 – Download


Tack Coat Guidelines (42 pgs) – Download



FORTA-FI Brochure – Download

FORTA-FI All Temps Flier 2016 – Download

InfoSheet: Voyager Continuous 5.4 – Download

Installation Guide

TURBO Continuous Feed Mobile Fiber Dispenser System Manual – Download

Fiber Feeding with the Little Shot – Download

Spec Sheets

Reinforcing Fibers for Asphalt – 2018 Material and Performance Spec – Download



FORTA-FI Fact Data 2017 – Download

Asphalt Comparison Chart – Download

Pavement Distress Types & Repairs NEW – Download

VM Fiber Feeding start up procedures and QAQC – Download



FACT DATA Surface-EXT 0418 – Download

InfoSheet: Ranger 5.5 – Download

InfoSheet: SurfaceEXT 2.1 – Download

InfoSheet: Why Use AR Fiber 2.2 – Download

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