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Parking Lots

Parking lots can quickly turn from being a passive asset to an active source of cost and frustration if the surface integrity of the lot begins to crack, rut, or break up. Pacific GeoSource creates long-term pavement durability and minimizes future parking lot maintenance costs through its expertise in value-engineered asphalt strengthening and base reinforcement solutions: FORTA-FI aramid reinforcing fibers; Surface-EXT reinforcing fibers; RoadGrid asphalt interlayers; and RockGrid base reinforcement.

Our team brings a project-specific approach to each site and specialize in identifying and understanding pavement distresses. No solution is right for every client and installation. We identify best options for value and performance in new construction and lot rehabilitations. We work closely with contractors, engineers, and owners from discovery through construction, including providing on-site installation guidance. This turnkey service ensures that each site has the right solution for optimal, long-term pavement performance and cost control. For managing pavement stresses within and at the surface, our solutions are easy-to-implement and cost-effective. Major parking lot sectors served by Pacific GeoSource include commercial, residential, industrial, municipal, large-scale surfacing, and religious and school parking lots.

Pavement Reinforcement System Benefits

  • Extend pavement life, reduce future maintenance
  • Optimize pavement section thickness for initial cost savings
  • Reduce environmental (thermal) cracking
  • More durable surfaces


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