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Interstate and High Volume Roads

As conventional roadway structures deteriorate, they become increasingly expensive, despite resurfacing efforts. The entire system, from surface to subgrade, must be effective to maintain proper roadway integrity, safety, and economy. Reinforcement is used to extend high-volume road service lives, reduce the frequency of maintenance, and control costs associated with road-building materials (e.g., aggregate and asphalt layer thickness).

Three primary solutions are available: FORTA-FI aramid-fiber reinforcement for asphalt, RoadGrid asphalt interlayers, and RockGrid geogrid reinforcement of aggregate base course.

The in-house pavement design engineers and logistics experts at Pacific GeoSource support the work of state DOTs, major infrastructure engineering firms, private consultants, roadway contractors, and pavement engineers everywhere. Our team works with interstate and high-volume roadway projects in design-build, public private partnerships (P3), and state and federally funded roadway projects.  We deliver exceptional value within these projects through specification and bid assistance, full pavement design support, alternative technical concept (ATC) development, on-site construction guidance, and post-construction testing and monitoring.

Pavement Reinforcement System Benefits

  • Extend roadway service lives for new construction and asphalt overlays
  • Reduce road thickness with no loss in performance
  • Enhance durability to withstand high-axle loads
  • Mitigate reflective cracking for road widening and repairs
Mike FreyInterstate and High Volume Roads