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Haul Roads / Access Roads

While haul roads and access roads are often low-volume roads, they remain integral to operations. The sites they serve can suffer significant disruptions and financial loss if these roads are not kept open. In many instances, the consistent presence of heavy-vehicle traffic requires these roads to have more robust support within their paved or unpaved systems. RockGrid geogrid reinforcement provides long-term stability and economical performance.

Pacific GeoSource believes these roads should be value-retaining assets. We use geogrid reinforcement to enable quicker construction, extend haul road surface lives, and decrease future maintenance needs. Our deeply experienced team works with each client to identify a site’s best options for value and performance, taking into account the environmental conditions, the required operational bearing strength, project duration, and budgets. From the discovery phase through construction, we ensure value is provided at each stage of the project. Key project sites include logging roads; oil and gas developments; shipping, storage, and intermodal yards; commercial developments; ports; and wind farms.

Pavement Reinforcement System Benefits

  • Reduce aggregate thickness requirements for cost savings and faster construction
  • Bridge soft and unsuitable soils
  • Minimize rutting and maintenance delays
Mike FreyHaul Roads / Access Roads