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Distribution Centers

Distribution centers sit at the center of American commerce, connecting suppliers with retail locations, wholesalers, and consumers. These sites need dependable access to keep goods moving and to protect the transportation companies, heavy vehicles, and operators that use these sites. Pacific GeoSource provides high-quality, economical solutions to extend pavement service lives, improve pavement integrity, and control costs.

Our clients operate distribution centers, refrigerated warehouses, cross-dock facilities, and other storage outlets that manage heavy containers and high axle loads. We utilize long-term pavement performance options including RockGrid base reinforcement geogrids, RoadGrid asphalt interlayers, FORTA-FI asphalt-reinforcing fibers, and Surface-EXT surface treatments to keep commerce flowing. Our team brings a turnkey approach. We work with facility engineers, review project conditions, provide geotechnical support, and serve as a gatekeeper between contractors, engineers, and owners to ensure each site has the right solution for optimal pavement performance and that budgets are met. Ahead of installation and on site, we work with general and sub-contractors to educate them on how to best handle and install these solutions, and we provide construction oversight.

Pavement Reinforcement System Benefits

  • Extend pavement life, reduce future maintenance
  • Optimize pavement section thickness for initial cost savings
  • Minimize cracking and rutting
  • More durable surfaces
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