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City, County, and State Roads

The US National Highway System consists of more than 160,000 miles of roads, a high percentage of which are overseen by county and city engineers, who typically work with tight roadway funding. The turnkey, value-engineering approach of Pacific GeoSource provides state and county agencies and city engineering departments with a strong range of pavement system solutions to lower construction costs, decrease maintenance needs, and achieve longer road service lives.

We offer base reinforcement geogrids (RockGrid) to strengthen an entire road system, pavement interlayers (RoadGrid) to mitigate reflective cracking, asphalt-reinforcing fibers (FORTA-FI) and surface treatments (Surface-EXT) to extend pavement surface durability. Pacific GeoSource’s team educates engineers, owners, and contractors on what options are best for their road situations and where optimal value and performance can be achieved. We also support the bid and specification process to ensure that budget and construction quality goals are met, and we provide on-site support to oversee construction and the integrity of the road as it goes into service.

Pavement Reinforcement System Benefits

  • Extend pavement life, reduce future maintenance
  • Optimize pavement section thickness for initial cost savings
  • Mitigate reflective cracking for widenings and repairs
  • More durable surface treatments
Mike FreyCity, County, and State Roads