Surface-EXT™ is an alkali and acid resistant glass fiber specifically designed to extend the life of slurry surfacing pavement applications.

Surface-EXT improves pavement flexibility and long-term durability. Surface-EXT is extremely easy to use and has a specific gravity similar to that of the aggregate, which allows it to disperse completely and evenly into the slurry mix.

Features & Benefits:

  • Alkali and acid resistant glass
  • Excellent dispersion
  • No increase in water demand
  • Excellent workability
  • Increases pavement flexibility
  • Mitigates reflective cracking
  • Improved long-term durability
  • Suitable for all Slurry or Micro-Surfacing applications
  • Available as pre-chopped fibers for ease of use*


FORTA Surface-EXT is used in slurry seal and micro surfacing paving applications. Surface-EXT has been designed to arrange into a matrix in the mixture which helps link the asphalt to the aggregate giving the cured mixture additional durability. It assures excellent workability and reliable  long-term performance. Use of Surface-EXT typically does not require a change to the mix design, but in some cases may allow a reduction in the mineral required for the mix.

* Also available as roving which can be easily chopped on-site/on-demand.

Mike FreySurface-EXT™