RockGrid provides performance and cost benefits for any road structure or pavement. Our RockGrids are used to reinforce the unbound aggregate layers that form the sub-base and/or base course layers in road structures. By including RockGrid within one or both of these layers, the engineer can extend the life of the road or reduce the layer thickness leading to substantial initial cost savings.


What is a Pacific GeoSource RockGrid?

Manufactured using polypropylene, RockGrid features high stiffness at low strain and excellent resistance to installation damage and environmental effects (UV, chemical, biological attack, etc.). RockGrid has been used successfully in roadway applications for more than 30 years.

How do Pacific GeoSource RockGrids work?

RockGrid adds strength and stiffness to the aggregate base layer as aggregate particles become mechanically confined. With High Junction Efficiency, Flexural Stiffness, and Aperture Stability, your pavement structure is ready for even the heaviest of loads.


  • Unpaved roads and temporary working surfaces
  • Conventional and heavy-duty pavements
  • Rail structures
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