FORTA-FI® Asphalt Reinforcement

THE Sustainability Solution For Asphalt…

The secret to reinforcing almost any construction material is simple: add fibers throughout the material to increase strength, toughness, and durability. FORTA capitalizes on this three-dimensional certainty by providing strong and chemically-inert synthetic fibers and materials that mix quickly and distribute uniformly in asphalt mixtures. Once distributed, FORTA-FI acts as reinforcement in both conventional and modified asphalt mixtures, delivering improvements to stability-related problems often occurring in unreinforced asphalt pavements.

How FORTA-FI® Works

FORTAfied ® asphalt builds stronger asphalt surfaces, and stronger roads are safer roads. FORTAfied  asphalt reduces maintenance, thereby reducing future costs and extending the service life of a pavement. Asphalt reinforced with FORTA-FI has improved tensile strength, resilient modulus, Marshall Stability and Flow.

Proven Technology

FORTI-FI materials have been extensively tested in both the lab and in the field with phenomenal results. In laboratory tests conducted by Arizona State University, FORTAfied  asphalt materials demonstrated:

  • Higher crack propagation resistance
  • Higher fatigue life
  • Higher strength (150%)
  • Higher tensile strain at failure
  • Higher fracture energy at failure
  • Lower thermal cracking, even at 14°F (-10°C)

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Made In the USA.

Mike FreyFORTA-FI® Asphalt Reinforcement