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Pacific GeoSource is the source for pavement system solutions. We bring well-proven products and a value-engineering approach to projects of all sizes: interstates and county roads; commercial developments; haul roads and distribution centers; ports; municipal streets; and all other types of lots, roadways, and working platforms. Our turnkey model and deep team knowledge deliver cost-effective, high-performance results for every client. We know what pavement solutions work in each market and in all climates because we work in the trenches with roadway agencies, housing developers, private companies, engineering firms, and other stakeholders. We are committed to saving you money, completing projects on time, and exceeding expectations.


Delivers stronger, more durable pavements


Enhances micro-surfacing and slurry performance


Mitigates reflective crack propagation in overlays.


Reinforces aggregate base, reduces required materials.

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Pacific GeoSource’s team combines a high-altitude vision for project management and value with a dirty boots commitment to site work. We specialize in identifying and anticipating pavement distresses in all climates. We offer appropriate, project-specific reinforcement solutions and we work with you throughout the entire project process. Through our 6-step approach, we do much more than identify your roadway options; we partner with you throughout the project. We apply decades of experience to engineering support, bids and specs, project logistics, construction guidance, and post-construction review.

No solution is right for all pavements, but all projects deserve a strong return on investment. Pacific GeoSource delivers that solution.

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Whether you are an engineer, contractor, developer, or project owner, contact Pacific GeoSource to learn how we can help you.

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Pacific GeoSource works in the mountains and along coasts, in deserts and cold climates. We deliver value and long-lasting roadways and surface lots to all types of projects, be they new construction or pavement rehab. Key sectors of activity include interstates, county and municipal roads, ports, commercial development, distribution centers, haul roads, residential development, runways, and much more.

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For product specification sheets and installation guides, visit our Resources page.

Case Studies

Case Study 94: 2017 Pavement Maintenance

Case Study 92: SH67 Elmore County Overlay

Case Study 37: Mohawk Tree Farm

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